2018 Spring Newsletter

Growing & Reorganizing

All the expansion (the addition of the 50 acre Ozanne Outpost) and positive changes (the Schoolyard Observatory) have led to the need for staffing additions and reorganization.

Longtime director Joe Fonk will transition to managing the preservation of the 14+ buildings now on HH and will also help with the maintenance of our ever growing collection of equipment. This will give HH the benefit of Joe’s woodworking, mechanical, and creative skills. A new Executive Director will be sought to lead Hawthorn Hollow as it begins this new chapter.

TJ Leveque, who served as Grounds Curator for many years, will be the Heritage Farmstead Manager. His plans for the farm will further expand our mission of environmental educational opportunities through sustainable food production.

Restoration Ecologist Lori Artiomow will now serve as the General Land Manager. She will ensure our mission of sanctuary preservation with the management of HH’s 88 acres and continue her vigilance of the restoration of our natural areas.

Nancy Carlson will continue the development of our educational programming. She plans to expand her award winning WATERshed program to Kenosha Unified Schools and create a new Summer Discovery curriculum. These offsite programs will help us reach more children with minimum impact to HH’s property.

Kyle Woller, a recent graduate of UW-Parkside with a degree in Environmental Geography, has been hired full time this year as Grounds Keeper. Kyle completed his independent study credits working on land restoration while interning at HH in 2016. Kyle continued his work at HH in 2017 as a part-time summer employee.

Grant funding has allowed the hiring of Allison Garren for the summer. Allison was an intern at HH during the summer of 2016 working on land restoration and stream bank surveys. Allison is a 2017 graduate of Carthage College with a degree in Environmental Science. Her focus here will be invasive species removal and habitat restoration.

We’ve also hired a part-time Schoolyard Observatory Manager, William Parker, to help untangle some of the problems we’ve had getting the observatory up and running. William is an assistant professor of computational physics at UW-Parkside where he teaches physics and astronomy courses. He received his B.S. in Physics and B.A. in Astronomy from the University of Texas at Austin in 2002. William was an active member of the astronomy students association at UT-Austin. We’re happy that he’s helping us get off the ground and into space.

In addition to seeking a new Executive Director, we are also looking to hire an Events Coordinator. The focus of this position will be to improve on our existing events as well as develop our new facilities at the Ozanne Outpost for a variety of rental opportunities. Visit our website for more information about these job postings.

New Educational Programs

Hawthorn Hollow is excited to announce our new summer field trip opportunities! This summer students will engage in hands-on activities as they discover meaningful relationships and interconnections within the world around them. Hawthorn Hollow and Kenosha County Parks formed a partnership to offer summer camp field trips geared for schools, daycare centers, summer camps, homeschool groups, scout groups, church groups, and more. This unique partnership blends nature-based field trips at Hawthorn Hollow with an extended option from Kenosha County Parks. Extending group field trips to Petrifying Springs Park provides the convenience of having a pavilion with picnic tables, playground and nature trails. Our new field trips will be filled with new discoveries and adventures!

Summer provides a bounty of life in and around Hawthorn Hollow’s one acre pond located on the new Ozanne Outpost property. The Discover the Wonders of Pollywog Pond! program will provide encounters with hundreds of aquatic animals who make their home in and around our new pond! Participants have a unique opportunity to explore our pond by using aquatic nets, viewers, and scientific equipment.

Hawthorn Hollow’s pollinator program explores the unsung heroes of our planet. Without their work, our gardens, farms, and natural ecosystems could not exist! The Power to the Pollinators! program engages participants as they become beekeepers and discover the roles of honey bees and how honey is produced! Students will investigate a wide variety of pollinators while sweeping the meadow using field nets, field guides and viewers. This program provides an understanding of why we all need pollinators.

In addition to Discover the Wonders of Pollywog Pond! and Power to the Pollinators! we will be offering our Growing Healthy program located at the Homestead Farm throughout the summer months. To schedule your Summer Discovery Adventures please contact Nancy Carlson at nancy@hawthornhollow.org or call 262-552-8196

Hawthorn Hollow’s Popcorn

Hawthorn Hollow is getting ready to launch their new fundraiser, popcorn! The popcorn is non-GMOorganically grown heirloom Smoke Signals kernels and, it is delicious. Though Hawthorn Hollow’s staff grew a lot of popcorn at the Heritage Farmstead in the Popcorn Labyrinth, the bulk of the popcorn was grown offsite. In 2017 Hawthorn Hollow partnered with local farmer Adam Reck to grow 5 acres of the heirloom popcorn less then a mile away. Reck estimated that he harvested around 8 tons of popcorn. With the help of volunteers, after 2 days of sorting, shucking, shelling, and blowing, we had 1,200 lbs of popcorn. A big thanks to those volunteers! Look for Hawthorn Hollow’s popcorn at our next event.

Thank you for the Donations!

Hawthorn Hollow has recently accepted some sizable donations. Thanks to Phil Woodman and his donation of 2 cauldrons, we have been able to add a new and exciting part of our maple sugaring field trip. The cauldrons are 200 years old and were family Heirlooms. Students saw how maple syrup was made before modern day evaporators and how the cauldron compares to the macuk, the Native American bucket made from birch bark. Also thank you to Alpaca Art for the donation of a commercial cooler. This will be used at the Heritage Farmstead to keep freshly picked produce in during the week, before going to the farmer’s market or food pantry. Also thank you to Jim Moses who donated a rotating composter which will be used at the Farmstead.

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