2016 Summer Newsletter

Newsletter Header Summer 2016Summer Interns Jump Right In

This summer Hawthorn Hollow is hosting two Carthage College interns majoring in the Environmental Sciences program, Allison Garren and Erik Bertram. Both interns gladly jumped into the Pike River to help with the annual stream bank survey. The survey is used to better understand river dynamics and stream bank erosion. The interns also help with ecosystem and species_ART3803_Snapseed management.

Allison’s focus is on forest ecology and conservation and she hopes to graduate May 2017. She would like to find a position where she can gain more field work experience. Allison said, “My favorite part of the internship so far  has been working in the prairie and getting a chance to learn how to hand-pollinate orchids!” After graduation Allison plans on traveling through the World Wide Organization of Organic Farms for a few months to learn about sustainable farming.

Erik’s focus is on ecology and conservation, with a minor in entrepreneurial studies. Erik will be a senior this fall and hopes to find a job that will help protect and preserve the environment and incorporates field research. He enjoys the outdoors and spending time with family and friends; his brothers especially. Although Erik is not completely certain where he will be working, he says he would like to live on the west coast at some point in time.

Volunteers Make Things Happen!

IMG_0823_SnapseedThis has been a great year for volunteers and we thank each and every one of you! They started in March, helping out our Maple Sugarin’ program. Volunteers helped by leading the field trips and with syrup production. Then, in April, we had a very successful 4th Annual Garlic Mustard Pull Party and Luncheon. Our luncheon table gets bigger each year as we feed our many volunteers delicious entrées made with garlic mustard. Next, in May, volunteers made Birds & Breakfast a great success and helped lead In the Foot Steps of the Potawatomi field trips. This June and July, we’ve had the great fortune of volunteers helping with our grounds work, which we have and endless amount of! Thank you! If you would like to volunteer please contact Lori Artiomow at lori@hawthornhollow.org or 262.552.8196. See page 3 for an exciting new volunteer opportunity!

IMG_0067_Snapseed copyHawthorn Hollow lucked out this year with two incredible seasonal employees; Ryan Grubb and Ian Naujock. Ryan is a student at UW-Platteville studying Agricultural business and Ian is studying horticulture at Gateway tech in Kenosha. Ryan likes his country music and a nice day on the boat; Ian enjoys his plants and a good read. With their help, 2016 has been a very productive year at Hawthorn Hollow thus far!

IMG_0286 copy

There is a new display in the Old Somers Town Hall. The installation features a museum quality informational display giving the story of the historic buildings found at Hawthorn Hollow reaching all the way back to the year 1830. The first and second Pike River Schoolhouses and the original Somers Town Hall were moved to Hawthorn Hollow for preservation in 1968. This is the first time the complete history of the buildings has been on display for the public, telling the story of both the buildings and the history of the Town, now Village of Somers. The display is framed with hardwood lumber harvested from a butternut tree that once grew in the center of the Hawthorn Hollow amphitheater. Hawthorn Hollow would like to thank local Somers historian Jackie Nelson for volunteering her time to carry out the historical research for the project and the Theta Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa for their generous financial gift to fund the production and installation costs of the project. We are proud to be the only location to house this physical history of the Town of Somers and to make it freely available for the public to learn from and enjoy.

Snapshot Wisconsin Program Brings Citizen Project Science to HH

logo_squareHawthorn Hollow has been selected to participate as a new trailcam location for the Snapshot Wisconsin project. Snapshot Wisconsin is a DNR wildlife monitoring project and is powered by a network of thousands of trailcams mounted at sites ranging all across the state. Pictures are classified and uploaded to a huge database found at the citizen science project site “Zooniverse.Org” where anyone can participate in a growing number of ongoing research projects. The Zooniverse specializes in partnering with research projects where the massive undertaking of classifying many thousands of pictures lends itself to an open online format where millions of people can participate. As a Snapshot Wisconsin location, Hawthorn Hollow will receive a trailcam, technical training, and support from the Snapshot Wisconsin team.   We hope to have our first trailcam mounted early this fall and to upload our first wildlife monitoring photos to the citizen science project soon after. To participate in the Snapshot Wisconsin project by helping us to classify the types of wildlife captured by the many trailcams across the state, simply go to www.zoonivers.org/projects and look for the Snapshot Wisconsin logo.

Observatory Dome Under Construction

HH 6 copyHawthorn Hollow’s Observatory dome under construction at Ash Domes in Plainfield, IL. To be installed this fall.

Seeking HH Volunteer

Are you looking for a way to enjoy the ambience of Hawthorn Hollow while at the same time, sharing your love for all it has to offer? Become a Hawthorn Hollow ambassador and help make our visitors feel welcome. Join us in our remodeled Information Center/Boutique a few hours on weekends during the peak season. Shifts run from 2 to 4 hours on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

A shift involves opening and/or closing the Center, meeting and greeting our interesting visitors, answering their questions, and occasionally selling items in the Boutique. Answers to most questions will be readily available at your fingertips. Training is available, either as a group or one-on-one during your shift. Please contact Sandy Halmo 262-552-8370 or shalmo@att.net for more information.

Concert Poster KR Bluegrass

Art Fiar


8/4 – Wildflowers of the Season
– 6pm-8pm – with Lori Artiomow.  Summer’s coming to an end and fall is at the doorstep. Let’s see what’s blooming the woodlands and prairies.
8/5 –
Pike River Benefit Concert Series – 6pm-9pm – KR Bluegrass

9/3 –
WALK IN THE WOODS Art Fair – 10am-4pm – over 60 artists display their creations along the wooded trails and gardens of Hawthorn Hollow.
9/7 – Bat Talk and Walk
– 7pm-8:30pm – with Deanna Byrnes. 
9/17 – Edible Herb Wreath Making – 10am-12:30 with Dan Lyons.
Registration Required.
9/26 – Wildflowers of the Season
– 10am-Noon – with Lori Artiomow.  Fall is officially here! Let’s see what’s blooming and what has gone to seed.


10/1 – The Science of Bird Migration – 9:30am-11am – with Beth Goeppinger.

10/17 – Scarecrow Building Party 10am-12:30 with  TJ Leveque & Dan Lyons. Registration Required.

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