2016 Spring Newsletter

Newsletter Header spring 2016Grant Received to Expand Honey Operation

Observation-HiveThis March Hawthorn Hollow received a $5000 grant from SC Johnson to fund the expansion of the bee keeping and pollination programs. This grant will allow us to construct a Honey House on the grounds near the bee hives. The honey house will be the one essential spot for honey production and storage of bee keeping equipment. Along with the addition of the Honey House, the grant will allow for supplement beekeeping equipment and educational tools; including a display hive allowing students to be face to face with an exposed hive without the risk of stings.

This new facility and equipment will further expand Hawthorn Hollow’s educational vision, and provide a new resource to the community. Honeybees are closely tied with the success of agriculture. They are faced with the ongoing threat of “colony collapse disorder”, which is devastating honeybee populations. Beekeeping is more challenging in this environment, requiring skill and understanding to keep hives alive. Our goal is to educate the public and to generate interest in beekeeping.

On Saturday, July 9th, Hawthorn Hollow will host a Bees & Waxwork Candle Making workshop in which students will learn the significance of bees in the pollination of our food, in the balance of our ecosystems, and the uses and benefits of honey and beeswax.  A special thank you to friend of Hawthorn Hollow,  Jeremy Haag, for help in writing the grant application.

WDNR Grant Received to Complete the Tractor Road ProjectScreen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.58.53 AM

Hawthorn Hollow was awarded a $19,825 River Management Grant for the tractor road re-construction project. The project will divert stormwater that gathers along the Tractor Road causing erosion of the road and the streambank where it enters the Pike River.  The Tractor Road, our main trail to the amphitheater and historic buildings, will be regraded to direct the stormwater to a swale and into a historic meander of the river where the water can percolate into the ground. Last year the Fund for Lake Michigan provided a $10,000 grant to do the engineering work for the project. The project should be completed sometime in late summer or early fall.


First Annual Summer Science Academy at Hawthorn Hollow

Dome Screen ShotThe idea for the Summer Science Academy is essentially an extended hands-on field trip program designed to showcase the learning opportunities of the future Science Center & Observatory set to be constructed at Hawthorn Hollow. Each day, students are introduced to new science concepts that relate to modern technological challenges like renewable energy and transportation, providing clean water to our communities, and future scientific exploration both on Earth and in space.

Students may enroll in one of three sessions that will run from Tuesday through Friday from 8:30am to 12:30pm each day. Four-day sessions start on June 28th, July 5th, and July 12th. Enrollment is limited to 15 students per session. The fee is $149 per student. If you or someone you know has a child interested in science and nature who might like to take part, please contact Dan@HawthornHollow.org with “Summer Science Academy” in the subject line to find out more details and how to register.

Friends Members Help With Ash Tree Removal

Many thanks to Friends of Hawthorn Hollow members who contributed to our ash tree removal fund. Our members donated almost $3000 to help us with this year’s ash tree removal. We first noticed the significant impact that the emerald ash borer had on our property during 2014.  Last year we focused on removing dead ash trees that were near structures and trails. Seven of the ash trees that were removed were 70-100 years old. In total, 34 ash trees were removed. This year we will continue to remove ash trees near trails. Thank you, again, for your generous support to this ongoing problem. _ART3334bGarlic Muastard Pull ad 2016_SnapseedConcert Poster 2016b

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New Friends of Hawthorn Hollow Members

Mike & Kathy Oldani
Bill & Karolyn Schlenker O’Toole
Joanna & Kaylee Roth
Deborah Wiersum
New Life Time Members
Charles & Kathryn Heide
Gregg & Julie Sinnen
Special Thanks to:
Janice Laufenberg
Kell & Barb Reimann
For renewing their Lifetime Membership

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