2014 Spring Newsletter

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This spring begins a mutually beneficial partnership between Gateway Technical College and Hawthorn Hollow. This partnership will help Gateway horticulture students earn the credits they need while transforming Hawthorn Hollow’s gardens and grounds to be even more beautiful than they already are.

Service learning is similar to volunteering in that students are giving their time and skills to meet a community need and complete a project at a non-profit or community organization.  The main difference is that students must be part of a project that is meaningful and relevant to their area of study.

IMG_2335This spring students from Courtney Pfad’s Landscape Design class will develop a landscape design along the main path to the Garden and near the entrance to the Trillium Trail from the Garden. These areas were cleared of trees and shrubs last year during the installation of the handicap accessible trail to the Garden. The design installation will be carried out by a different Gateway horticulture class this summer. ourtney’s Landscape Plants 2 class will assess the evergreens surrounding the Garden and advise on potential remediation opportunities to enhance the landscape.  The students will implement remediation measures and document the changes with before and after pictures.

Both classes will create posters that show the phases they went through to complete their projects and the landscape designs that were created. The posters will be displayed at Birds & Breakfast on Saturday, May 10th, from 7am to 11am. Watch for exciting new changes to the Garden area this summer!

Garlic  Mustard Pulling  Party

IMG_9100The days are getting longer, the chickadees are whistling, the daffodils in bloom, and at last, the garlic mustard is everywhere.…its spring! Well, garlic mustard isn’t actually everywhere. Over the last few years we have seen a measurable decrease in garlic mustard. Getting rid of this pesky plant finally seems possible as long as we are consistent in removing it all from year to year.  And you can help us out!

This year’s Annual Garlic Mustard Pulling Party will be Saturday May 3rd fromIMG_9778 9-Noon. We will meet at the Nature Center at 9 for coffee and donuts, get down and dirty with the garlic mustard for a few hours, and wrap the event up with some delicious garlic mustard delectables. Last year’s garlic mustard lasagna and pizza was a meal to remember. Hope to see you out here! Just bring your gloves and dress for the weather. 

Tough Winter for the Bees

This past winter has been tough on bees. There have been reports of a high number of bee colony deaths in the area. The colonies that the Hawthorn Hollow staff trained on last year, with the help of local beekeeper Tim Fulton, didn’t survive the winter either.

There can be many reasons why colonies don’t survive through winter. A more common reason is due to starvation. Food supplies, honey that

is, can run short for the bees. Since honey bees don’t hibernate, they need to eat through the winter so they don’t freeze. The bees actually produce warmth and stay in a cluster in the hive starting at the bottom and eating their way up to the top of the hive. At the center of this shivering cluster is the queen, staying around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If the cluster eats through the honey all the way to the top of the hive before winter is through they will run out of food.

Bees are very clean insects. During the winter they don’t defecate inside of the hive, but rather wait for those occasional warm days to briefly leave the hive for what is called a “cleansing flight”. However, if it is too cold for bees to leave the cluster they are highly susceptible to dysentary. Cleansing flights in themselves can be deadly. Many bees do not make it back to the hive and end up freezing. More reasons include parasites such as mites, disease, and humidity inside the hive due to lack of ventilation. This winter’s polar vortex may have been too much for the bees.

Hawthorn Hollow is expecting to install two colonies of bees mid April. These colonies will be put into the hives that were furnished by Eagle Scout Brad Gertz, with support from the Kenosha/Racine Bee Keeping Association, for his Eagle Scout service project summer 2013.

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Summer Concert Series

Pike River Benefit Concert Series
Friday June 27th 6-9:30pm Rythme De Vie (gypsy swing music)
Friday July 25th 6-9:30pm American Folk (bluegrass music)
Friday August 8th 6-9:30 Hobo Rodeo (rockabilly music)
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