Summer Discovery Adventures

Hawthorn Hollow’s educators engage students in activities with inquiry as they discover meaningful levels about relationships and interconnections within the world around them. Field trips to Hawthorn Hollow focus on essential hands-on learning experiences for engaging students in a place-based learning process. Learning in this way helps students to discover the natural world with a meaningful experience for life-long learning. Kenosha County Parks continues to bring our community together by providing the best parks in the State! Petrifying Springs Park is the flagship of Kenosha County Parks. Known to locals as “Pets”, this
park is the oldest in the system and offers a wide range of enjoyment for people of all ages throughout the year. This park offers pavilions, picnic area, playgrounds, sport fields, hiking trails, and much more! These are 2 hour programs with a fee of $6 per student.

Discover Pollywog Pond

Discover the wonders of Pollywog Pond! Summer provides a bounty of life in and around Hawthorn Hollow’s one acer Pollywog Pond.

Students will have encounters with hundreds of aquatic animals who make their home in Pollywog Pond! Participants have a unique opportunity to explore Hawthorn Hollow’s pond by using aquatic nets, viewers, and scientific equipment. A true adventure around the corner!



Power to the Pollinators!

Power to the Pollinators! Program explores the unsung heroes of our planet. Without their work, our gardens, farms, and natural ecosystems could not exist! Participants become beekeepers as they discover the roles of honey bees and how honey is produced! Students will investigate a wide a variety of pollinators as they sweep the meadow using field nets, field guides and viewers. This programprovides an understanding of why we all need pollinators.

Growing Healthy

The Growing Healthy program takes place at Hawthorn Hollow’s Homestead Farm! This program introduces students to where their food comes from and healthy choices. Participants see first-hand how food grows, raising chickens and the art of bee keeping. This program engages students with harvesting vegetables, collecting eggs, and seeing first-hand honey bees at work in our glass display hive.


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