Due to Covid-19, as of 3/24/20 Hawthorn Hollow has closed it’s gates indefinitely for the first time in its 52 year history. With all programs and events being canceled, along with grants and fundraising activities almost entirely eliminated, the Hyslop Board has also taken the drastic action to lay off our entire staff. We have the responsibility to help protect the health of our employees, their families and the greater community. We feel these extreme measures were needed to protect the property, keep our staff safe, and keep our organization strong.

The Hyslop and the Friends of Hawthorn Hollow boards are actively doing all they can to protect the long term survival of Hawthorn Hollow. We continue to monitor the situation and hope to reopen as soon possible. We understand more than ever the need for outdoor space and how our nature sanctuary can help relieve the anxiety we all feel.

Our devoted boards and staff volunteering their time will attend to our maintenance and security needs. During these difficult times we continue to accrue basic expenses and will need your help as we move forward and plan for a better future.
As we continue our daily lives in this changing reality, let’s stay safe and take care of each other.
Please don’t forget us, we can do this together with your support.

Thank You for your understanding,

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