Heritage Workshop Series

2017 Heritage Workshop Series

Starting Heritage Seeds

with Kate Jerome (Click to Register)

Heirloom heritage plants can be hard to come by at your local garden store. Learn to plant these heritage seeds with success. In this course we’ll learn why these varieties of vegetables and flowers are increasing in popularity and how to keep them healthy and strong from the seed starting pot to the garden.  After touring the ins and outs of gardening with these heirloom varieties, each participant can explore a number of seed catalog resources and then select a variety of seeds from our collection of favorites to start and take home for their garden.


Supplies Provided: Seeds and seed starting materials are provided as part of the registration fee for each participant to start a full tray of heritage seeds to bring home for their own garden.

Instructor Bio – Kate Jerome is currently Director of the Urban Farm and instructor in the horticulture department at Gateway Technical College where she teaches urban farming, landscape design, plant ID and sustainable landscape management. Kate is the garden columnist for the Kenosha News and the fruit and vegetable columnist for Wisconsin Gardener. She is a regular guest horticulturist on local Wisconsin Public Radio.

Date: Saturday, April 8th
Time: 10am-12:30pm
Fee: $29


Creating a Garden Trellis SOLD OUT!!!

with TJ Leveque (Click to Register)  SOLD OUT!!!
Trellising has been a longstanding garden tradition for both function and beauty. From the living corn stalk trellises used in a Three Sisters Garden wIMG_4215ith squash and pole beans, to the cold metal tomato cages used in many of today’s gardens, the trellis is an essential garden structure for healthy plants that also brings aesthetic beauty to your landscape. Let your creative side run wild with willow branches and jute twine to design and construct your own custom garden trellis to incorporate into your garden at home. Trellis making materials and tools are provided as part of the registration fee for each participant to design and build their own garden trellis.

Supplies Provided: Trellis making materials and tools are provided as part of the registration fee for each participant to design and build their own garden trellis. Trellis designs may vary by participant so enough trellis making material is provided for at least one large trellis or a number of small trellises depending on your preference.

Instructor Bio – TJ Leveque is the Grounds Curator and Head Beekeeper at Hawthorn Hollow. Tending the grounds has inspired him to get creative with the materials he removes from the landscape. He has experimented with just about every tree or shrub part imaginable to create arbors, trellises, fences, and even reindeer for decorating a variety of garden landscapes.

Date: Saturday, May 20th
Time: 10am-12:30pm
Fee: $29

Sewcial Barn Quilting

with Bethany WIMG_0795ise & Dan Lyons (Click to Register)
People have been quilting to support their causes or display their local pride for hundreds of years. After a tour of the local history of quilt block designs from the time of the settlers through the evolution of quilting up to modern times; we’ll explore a modern twist on quilting by laying out and painting a historical quilt block to make what we now call a barn quilt. Each person in the class will get to make their own 2’x2’ barn quilt block that they get to take home and display on their home, garage, or even hang in the living room. No quilting experience needed.

Barn quiltings cropped

Supplies Provided: Materials are provided for each participant including a 2-foot by 2-foot wooden panel primed with white paint, an assortment of latex paint colors to choose from, tape, and brushes.

Bethany Wise is a local Renaissance woman and serial crafter, with over 45 years of sewing experience. She has been crafting and creating things since childhood. She has always had her hands on raw materials and made useful objects her whole life. Her experience making hundreds of quilt blocks and her larger than life personality make Sewcial Barn Quilting fun and educational.

Date: Saturday, June 10th
Time: 10am-12:30pm
Fee: $29


Bees & Waxwork Candle Making  SOLD OUT!!!

with TJ Leveque & Dan Lyons (Click to Register)
Get to know your local pollinators and learn to make tapered beeswax candles using traditional dipping methods. This class starts off looking at the ins and outs of keeping bees to produce honey. We will open the beeIMG_0830hives at Hawthorn Hollow to see how our honey is made. Bees make more than honey though, and the wax that bees produce has had many uses throughout history. We’ll explore history of uses for beeswax leading into making your own set of tapered beeswax candles.

SupIMG_0828plies Provided: Materials are provided for each participant to their own set of four 10” tapered beeswax candles perfect for lighting your way to the outhouse on a dark moonless night.

Date: Saturday, July 22nd
Time: 10am-12:30pm
Fee: $29


Scarecrow Building Party!

with TJ Leveque & Dan Lyons (Click to Register)
Enjoy a fall Saturday morning at your local nature sanctuary being immersed in scarecrow lore. Your will be guided through the history and mythology of the scarecrow followed by an activity of making your own scarecrow to decorate your home or yard for the Fall Harvest Season!20151003_113432_Snapseed

Supplies Provided: Supplies are provided to construct the framework, head, body, and stuffing for each participant’s scarecrow.  This includes a small selection of old shirts and pants to choose from.  Building a scarecrow is a great way to recycle old and worn out clothes though, so participants are encouraged to bring their own as well, and any additions odds and ends to give your scarecrow a persIMG_5811_Snapseedonalized look!

Date: Saturday, Oct 14th
Time: 10am-12:30pm
Fee: $29


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